Homework (by peeranat khongwhong no.22 )

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Homework (by peeranat khongwhong no.22 )

Post by Peeranat Kongwhong on Sun May 21, 2017 10:37 am


1. A:So... let's start by you name first
   B: Yes, so the name's Peeranat.

2. A:How about your surname?
   B:Oh, it's khongwhong.

3. A: so, how many family mebers you have?
   B: Well... i have about 6 people if i'm not mistaken. also including myself.

4. A: How about your phone number?
   B: it's 092-974-2951.

5. A: And is there any other way to contact you?
   B: I have my Email. it's pk.aeng2013 gmail.com .

6. A: And how about your girlfriend. do you have one?
   B: Nope. i don't have a girlfriend.

7. A: And lastly. what is your nationality?
   B: As you can see. My nationality is Thai.

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Re: Homework (by peeranat khongwhong no.22 )

Post by Teacher Daniel on Sun May 28, 2017 8:19 pm

Homework accepted.
Good job - 5 points Smile
Teacher Daniel

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