Points - How to pass?

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Points - How to pass?

Post by Teacher Daniel on Sat May 06, 2017 10:19 pm

Welcome everyone

This is the thread in which one can find the rules about how to pass the school term.
In case of any questions, feel free to send it to me.

Teacher Daniel

1. During the lesson Students can gain points for being active. For one correct answer students get 2 points. For homework they get 5 points.
At the beginning of the lesson teacher takes two students and ask them 2-3 questions about the previous lessons. They can get from 0-5 points, depending how much they speak and how many mistakes they made.

2. Every week students must submit one homework given by the teacher. They receive the points for that. Every month students must make one presentation about the topic given by the teacher. They can get from 0 – 15 points depending on the quality of the presentation.

3. There will always be one person who will have a jar and a paper to write the names of people who gets points. This person gets automatically 5 points but must answer one question given by the teacher. The questions may be divergent.

4. Cheating means coming back to 0 points (even if you have 200 points)

5. Students can lose points only by inappropriate behavior.

6. Students cannot borrow, lend or exchange points between themselves.

7. The loss of points if irreversible.

8. Students can pass the school term only if they achieve at least minimum level 4.


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