Country that I want to go

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Country that I want to go

Post by Pathorn Vithanomsat on Sun May 27, 2018 11:03 am

I have a dream to travel around the world. I think travelling give me a lot of experiences. However, the country that I want to go most is Japan.
I have been to Japan many times. I have never been bored. I love this country very much. The reasons are what I will mention below.

Firstly, Japan is not far from my country. It takes about 5-7 hours flying there. I love cold weather and snow since my country is boiling hot. I hate hot weather. I love seeing and playing snow in winter in Japan.

Secondly, I love going to Disneyland. Last year, I went there. I had a wonderful time. I went on many rides. My favorite ride was Splash Mountain. It went very fast and I got a little wet. It was very exciting and fun. I couldn't complete every ride because It was very crowded and i didn't have much time to wait. So next time I visit Disneyland, I will try all of them.

Moreover, Sushi and Sashimi are exceptional delicious and healthy. I always enjoy eating Japanese Food. My mom told me that eating a lot of seafood is better than eating chicken and pork because I will not get fat.

These are the reasons why I love Japan most. It is my ideal country. Surprisingly, My family and I plan to visit Japan at the end of the year....!

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Re: Country that I want to go

Post by Teacher Daniel on Thu May 31, 2018 6:09 pm

Wonderful. Please add some pics next time and it will be great.

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