Kunnicha sirapongchalerm m.3/4 no.15

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Kunnicha sirapongchalerm m.3/4 no.15

Post by Kunnicha Sirapongchalerm on Wed May 30, 2018 11:32 am

I want to go  Canada because the weather is so cool. But that is a little bit reason. A big reason is they have blue eye!!! I think blue eye is so amazing. It look beautiful and rare in Thailand. Some people in Thailand they want to have a blue eye. You know what they do. They buy a contact lens and put it to they eye. To have many color in they eye. Before I go to bodin 2, I am learning at lertlah school they have teacher Canada all. But now I don’t know did they change or not. And at Canada have many attractions and beautiful too. Canada is the second largest in the world.

Ottawa is the second cleanest in Canada. And the third cleaneat in the world.

Whistler Black comb
It is the place to play the ski and it is beautiful Mountain. It travel 2 hour from Vancouver. And this is another beautiful place in Canada.

Quebec City
Is the capital of the polity

Is the capital of the Ontario polity, the city has the most population in Canada

Culture of Canada
Artistic,culinary,literary,musical,political,social element

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Re: Kunnicha sirapongchalerm m.3/4 no.15

Post by Teacher Daniel on Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:06 pm

Well done. Keep it up Smile

Points granted for homework:5/5
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