dairy boonrada kajchamaporn

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dairy boonrada kajchamaporn

Post by Boonrada kajchamaporn on Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:51 pm

When thursday is coming I feel like it friday always TT. Today is just ordinary day BUT something special is MY HAIR , bacause yesterday I had to cut my hair because teacher said I have to cut my hair and intimidate me I have to let my hair. In the morning they talk about today is international environment day so it have a parade and fashion show of M.5 , they so amazing in the concept economical and reuse. That funny and they made their clothe so beautiful their design is gorgeous and fantastic I love it!!!!. Fashion show my view is like the most expensive ticket in concert because I sit beside with committee I's clear everything I can see their design clearly and I seem so wonderful of that! are you feel the same. At the lunch time finally! I got a jelly from my code younger. Laughing . In the evening after extra class it's time to go home!!! but the rain drop again but luckily it's just for a while. I get home tight and next what I have to do is watch a detroitbecomehuman that is a game that so fantastic ever!!! and it the same but today dad , he isn't home because he going to working in malaysia and he will come back tomorrow. So I want to recommend you some song That is my favourite one : all the stars - kendrick lamar , pray on me - the weeknd , kendrick lamar ( they are ost. in black panther movie and I like it so much!!! try it Razz ) , thanks for reading.

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Re: dairy boonrada kajchamaporn

Post by Teacher Daniel on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:19 pm

Good job Smile

Points granted for diary :8/10
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