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Difference between demon and ghost ( Mothanee Thawaroe)

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Difference between demon and ghost ( Mothanee Thawaroe)

Post by mothanee thawaroe on Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:29 pm

Now umm some people think ghosts and demons are exactly the same, so I'll explain the difference between them

Now this is my demon. She may not look scary, but demon isn't determined by that.
Her name is Chara, she is a mischievous evil little demon. She stole the scythe from the grim reaper, and causing chaos to the humanities by reaping them. Now this is what I'm talking about. No matter how cute, how innocent they looked. Being a demon is judged by their actions, by killing hundreds of innocent people or whatever that classified evil.

Another example:

This is a little girl named Betty Noire,that actually came from the word Betê Noire which mean black beast. Now this is the real deal, she's cold blooded and super psycho. She have the power of hateful and fear. when she kills and get the soul, it'll be like super power-up item for her. Kinda like she got the power from the souls and it's kind of impossible to get rid of her.
She teamed up with the creature called "AKUMU" which mean nightmare in Japanese to kill everyone and kill everyone to get their souls, that's real demon.

Now we'll talk about ghosts

It's like a lost soul, I think? I'm trying not to insert scary pictures here, it's almost my sleep time. Ghost is just a soul that won't go to heaven or hell because of something is bothering them. Example this girl got killed by a murderer, she's probably still have because the murderer haven't get caught. Yeah, nothing much. Just appealing for justice, and we need to give justice to them.

So in conclusion, Demons are usually evil but ghosts are not. But this can be also judge by their actions too. Demon doesn't have to be terrific, and ghost doesn't have to harm us.
But what's the most terrific is our inner demon, our dark side inside ourselves....


[Both Chara and Betty Noire is a character, they're not exist in real life.... Maybe if they do? =)]
Chara origin : Reapertale by our lovely fandom
Betty Noire origin : Glitchtale by Camila Cuveas
Both is a comic found in YouTube.

mothanee thawaroe

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Re: Difference between demon and ghost ( Mothanee Thawaroe)

Post by Teacher Daniel on Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:56 pm

Very interesting stories Smile It looks like a connection with Japanese anime "Bleach", like they are Soul Reapers Smile

Good job.

Points granted for homework:5/5
Teacher Daniel

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