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What is different between demons and ghosts.

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What is different between demons and ghosts.

Post by Achiraya Sornnoei on Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:57 pm

What Is the Difference Between Demons and Ghosts?
Paranormal Author and Investigator
Demon eyesSOURCE
The simple explanation of the difference between ghosts and demons is this: ghosts are paranormal and fall into the realm of parapsychological research; demons are religious. Of course, the truth is much more nuanced.
Ghosts and demons may have some similar characteristics, including:

Generating noises, such as knocks and bangs
Generating phantom smells, although demonic smells tend to be much more foul than those from ghosts
Causing feelings of fear or dread, although demonic activity tends to cause more terror than ghostly activity
The ability to move objects with energy, although demonic activity tends to be much more violent and involve far greater feats of strength than that found in poltergeist activity.
There are many difference as well.
Demons are considered theological or religious beings; ghosts are paranormal beings.
Demons are evil spirits driven by ultimate evil from Satanic forces; while ghosts may have been jerks in life, and their behaviors may be bad, they are not driven by universal evil.
Demons can possess humans; there is no parpsychologically validated evidence of ghosts possessing living humans (although some people believe ghosts can attach to humans, but this is not possession. It is an energetic attachment, which is something else entirely).Demons appear to be able to commit great acts of physical strength; in general spirits may give the appearance of moving an object, but the objects don't actually move.
Demons need to be exorcized; you can't exorcize or banish a ghost against its will.
Demons destroy religious objects and react poorly to religious words, holy water, etc.; ghosts don't.
Demons are much more likely to make frightening noises like growling; ghosts typically don't growl.
The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) notes levitation of people and objects (religious levitation) is often common with demonic activity; it's not found with ghosts and hauntings.

which is a publication of the science-based research organizaation, SPR, the ghost is a term popularly used to describe certain types of paranormal phenomena. It is a sub-type of the broader scientifically used term, apparition, which the SPR defines as, "An anomalous experience in which typically a person is briefly seen or otherwise felt to be present, but not actually present."
Thank you.

Achiraya Sornnoei

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Re: What is different between demons and ghosts.

Post by Teacher Daniel on Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:29 pm

Unfortunately I have found a copy here.

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Teacher Daniel

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