Homework (By Butsayarut Thamniyom No.16)

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Homework (By Butsayarut Thamniyom No.16)

Post by Butsayarut on Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:48 pm

1. A: How are you today?
B:I’m fine. Thank you and you?
2. A: I’m good. What is your name?
B: My name is Butsayarut.
3. A: What is your nationality?
B: My nationality is Thai.
4. A: How many people in your family?
B: I have 6 people in my family.
5. A: Could I take your phone number?
B: Yes, My phone number is 082-440-9793.
6. A: Could I take your email address?
B: Yes, fangfinkhottest@gmail.com
7. A:And lastly. Where did you learn your English?
B: I taught myself.


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