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My Diary, Week 6 (Shout out to anyone who helped made the Science Show)

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My Diary, Week 6 (Shout out to anyone who helped made the Science Show)

Post by Chawit Boonprakong on Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:35 pm

Hello Readers, I want to say sorry about this diary, it is short because I want to take a rest and relax myself. I just feel stress and I need a day off, so I am going to take a day off.. and have fun reading my diary.
Me: Time for me to write another Diary
@#@$: Well not until you fix this for me *Slam the time machine in front of my computer*.
Me: Oh come on, can you interrupt me like tomorrow? because can’t you see? I AM BUSY HERE!
@#@$: Well, I am also busy fighting with my parent about this broken time machine.
Me: Just tell them someone broke it.
@#@$:  *Face Palm* You’re such an idiot, YOU BROKE IT.
Me: I didn’t break it, Chawit broke it.
@#@$: Which are you.
Me: Yeah… Oh wait.. *Face Palm*
@#@$: Well, Are you going to help me or what.
Me: Not now Jamine, I am typing my Diary
Jamine: For god sake, you just reveal my name. We suppose to reveal my name when you reach level 10
Me: Oh yes… uhh, at least you are fictional?
Jamine: BUT STILL, I hope you choke and fall down the stairs
Me: Well the same for you
Jamine: I’m a fictional idiot, by the way, what’re you doing? *Look into the computer*
Me: Well read it.
Jamine: *Reads*

24th June, 2018, my classroom has a lot of problem with our upcoming Science Show, so our classmates decided to borrow most of the class on Monday, in order to quickly finished our Science Show, we’re still lack of some items like “Aspirin” and other items in Science Show so it’s my job to find an item called “Aspirin”. I received a lot of stress finding an Aspirin because it can’t be bought in the store but instead you should be a doctor to receive an Aspirin. However, we separated into 3 groups which are Experimenters, Sound creators and Background artist. We worked together and the background for our show looked very well-made and awesome, unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing for experiment. Nothing much to say for this week it’s pure frustration and stress
25th June, 2018, We’re forced to march around the large field in the middle of the sun for the 3rd week now, I started to hurt my feet for a varies reason that also connected to the march thing that our school forced us to do, I can’t blame the school because it was a ceremony that was placed a very long time ago and there’s no way we can change. There are many stressful things I received on this day example the time when the school wanted each students to pay 5 baht each classroom, “Me” as “class leader” need to went around collecting money from each student, and fun fact the amount of money that the school forced us to pay are still located in the locker and I forgot to bring the money to the room that they assigned me to bring it, and I have to read many things for the upcoming chapter test, for real I need to relaxed myself.

26th June, 2018, Planting class wouldn’t be this worse than last week if the rain wouldn’t appear out of nowhere, the teacher divided us into 6 groups and each of the group goes to the same location but different time, my team got to the place 25 minutes before the rain occurs, “Can I do the cutting thing, please” I said that quote with a sad face and Juk (Kanlayakorn) said “Well if you mess this thing up, I ain’t responsible for this”, “Well me neither” replied Yin and this made me feel like I am being attacked by them so I decided to cut the tree and unfortunately I mess the plant up so bad we have to switch for the new plant, “We told you…” said Yin with a disappoint face and the same thing come out of Kanlayakorn’s mouth, While we’re cutting the plants the rain fell down for no reason and it was sure a hard one, “Well I didn’t bring any of the umbrella” asked Yin and both of them suddenly stared at me so I decided to asked them “Why are you staring at me, because you guys are making me feel uncomfortable as hell”, “Well it wouldn’t kill you if we used your jacket” asked Juk and I decided to give them because why not? At least it was a nice thing to do while it was raining and we need to finished this work. “This will be the last time I teach this class” said our replacement Chinese Teacher, well I thought the new Chinese teacher would be dead by now, I was sad because our replace Chinese teacher was very kind.

27th June, 2018, here comes our weird day, we used Thursday as our day to prepared for the Science Show. I don’t even want to talk about when I have to walked out of the school for 2 types, The aspirin wasn’t working well because the size of an aspirin is so small, so I decided to asked our Teacher Assistants for the help, the teacher accepted my request, however, she didn’t know an amount of each items we needed for our experiment, so I have to walked outside of the school with her, after me and my teacher finished buying and bring out an items, we realized that we didn’t pay for our items, so we have to walked back so we can paid our items, it was tiring but overall it was worth it. Our classmates prepared for the show as hard as construction workers.

28th June, 2018, I’m going to cut this straight, we didn’t get first and I don’t even want to tell the ranking for the Science Show, let me just say that show just give me one-whole day stress, and it made me feel so stressful, I need to walked at the mall with 4 of my friends to forced myself to relaxed because the result made me so shocked and sad, which push me to the point that make me feel stress all day long, and I’m going to act like I never show for the Science Show, In the evening, I accepted invitation from a group of friends to go and walked at the mall, I accepted for the sake of removing my stressful-ness out of my head, it worked a little.. because my brother just bring this topic up and all of my family members talked about this when we were driving home. I can’t just say I am disappointed about the ranking because all of our classmate worked hard and important enough this was our first ever classroom project that we took effort and teamwork into it, I am going to shout all of the people who helped making this Science Show such a great experience for me (Doesn’t count the part where I have to look at the scoring board)

Palm (Male), Pink, Palm (Female), Mai, Phuket, Mark, Junior, Kaem, Juk (Kanlakorn), Pear, Earl, Meen, Phuket, Best, Ford, Pakbung, Tangkwa, Tian, Prem, Wine, Book, Ped dum (Phat), Yin, Yin (Nareekan), San, Junior, Sam  
,our all wonderful teachers especially T.Jude for buying items for us (I love you) and thank you, teachers, for giving up their class to give us to chance to finish our work.
That’s all for my diary and I have nothing else to say much... Thank you, I wouldn’t have this much teamwork and fun if it weren’t for these wonderful helpers and teachers.

Jasmine: Heh, Nice diary
Me: Thanks, at least that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me.
Jasmine: Well, you can return my favor by fixing this machine for me
Me: HAHAHAHA, No thank you
Jasmine: I hope T.Daniel sees how much a jerk you’re
Me: Hey don’t blame me.
Jasmine: Well, I am blaming you.
Me: Hey I have a great idea, Let’s make a new mystery character to make things even more complicated
Jasmine: You're such an idiot
Me: Well the same as you!
Jasmine: Whatever, just don’t make it a 2nd version of Five Night of Freddy
Me: Well, unfortunately, I am going to do it and you can’t blame me.
Jasmine: Fine… Let’s visit “HER” house.
Me: Nice idea!
*Walks out of the house*

Written: 30/6/2018
-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No.3

Last edited by Chawit Boonprakong on Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:41 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : My incorrect grammar and spelling.)
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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Re: My Diary, Week 6 (Shout out to anyone who helped made the Science Show)

Post by Teacher Daniel on Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:24 pm

Very well Chawit. I've read it already but forgot to give you points.

Points granted for diary :15/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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