The rules of the "Tavern under the crazy stag"

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The rules of the "Tavern under the crazy stag"

Post by Teacher Daniel on Sun May 14, 2017 10:22 pm

Welcome everybody to the "Tavern under the crazy stag"

Here  are the rules of the tavern. Remember to follow the rules.

1. Any signs of SPAM like: hey, yo, e,o,u will be considered as cheating. Cheating means coming back to 0 points.

2. We don't use offensive language.

3. We try to answer the topics with relevant answer, not an answer that is not about the topic.

4. The amount of words is unlimited.

5. We answer homeworks in one post, not one by one. We need to update our last point by clicking EDIT and add our answers.

6. 5 the most active people in a month will get awards in the form of:

1st - 5 chances in roulette.
2nd - 4 chances in roulette.
3rd - 3 chances in roulette
4th - 2 chances in roulette
5th - 1 chance in roulette

The guide how to receive points easily?

1. Do your homeworks regularly or buy them in a shop - if you are active during the lesson, you may get a lot of points. Thanks to them you can buy homeworks, homeworks are posts and posts are a big chance to get a roullete.

2. Enter the HOT ROOM and share your opinions. If you are active you can add even 30 posts a day and get a roullete for free. Remember that your answer may be checked. If you cheat and add answers without a sense, you may come back to 0 points. Be careful, then

3. Help the others with their homeworks. You may get extra posts.

4. Be active in a tavern. Share your hobbies, passions, plans and speak about them with friends. Get free posts.

How to apply for a roullete?

Download the application!
Fill it in and give it to the teacher on every Thursday until 1.30 P.M.

The application:

You will get the answer on the lesson of how many points you received.
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