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Chayakorn Sorasit

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Chayakorn Sorasit Empty Chayakorn Sorasit

Post by Chayakorn Sorasit Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:20 pm

Hi this is my  second dairy in my life so let's start.....
I know everyone is lazy holiday, me too. I am the laziest on holiday all of time in holiday I will lay down I my bed and play my phone all day but.... it's has 1 week that doesn't like every holiday. it's was Songkran in 2015 .I went to Ratchaburi 7Am. then I arrived there at 10Am. The weather of Ratchaburi is  good even it a little bit hot and when I arrived at my house I was so hurry go to my room and then lock the door. cuz I wanna surprise my cousin but they surprise me first.....

Knock knock knock....( knocking door)

Kenny: Gun, I knows you inside the room

Me:No one here

Kenny:then...who are you?

Me: A Ghost

Kenny: ...

then I can't remember

then I come out with him to play Songkran in lawn...

Chayakorn Sorasit S_178810

then I play Songkran with my cousin. and after I eat lunch Kenny Jeffy Tonfon tontoey tonwarn farsai and my sister come to my room and the we watch movie and play some game like uno and board games. I like the moment that we watch the movie like the room is darks and every one is in the bed and focus on TV. that kind of fun. and then we stay in my room about 5 hours and we don't even knows that is time for dinner, it very fast. and after we eat dinner. changed to swimming suit and then.....you know....jump!!!!!! and we have a lot of fun until my food have pain, cuz I step on piece of mystery glass in the poor. and everyone is stop playing and go take shower and play video game cuz I can't walk, so everyone take care on me. we play a lot of game until 1 AM., everyone was tried hen we go to sleep. Kenny Jeffy and Tonwarn slept in my room, so Fasai and Tontoey slept in my sister's room. let's get to the next day....

this is my 2nd day
In the morning we boys team waked up at 7Am. but i don't know about the girls.... Anyway  we eat breakfast and the go to Suansamton which is Tonfon Tontoey and Tonwarn's house area we drive golf car around the area of house then bake and cook some foods and deserts ,then we go to music rooms which has a lot of instruments to show our ability in music, some are good at singing some are good at playing instument.and then i can't remember untill we eat dinner. after we finished dinner I Kenny Tonfon Farsai Tontoey and my sister went back to Main area of Relative cuz Tonwarn and Jeffy are slept in Suansamton. So i have to slept with Kenny so we watched movie all night (I love Movies).

this is 3rd day this is the day that everyone have to go home
I and my cousin wake up at 10Am. and then eat breakfast and did some tradition in Songkran. the Back home...

Chayakorn Sorasit Njpus210

Chayakorn Sorasit A1510

Chayakorn Sorasit Songkr10

Hope you enjoy
Chayakorn Sorasit
Chayakorn Sorasit

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Chayakorn Sorasit Empty Re: Chayakorn Sorasit

Post by Teacher Daniel Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:19 pm

Super diary and you will get more points for your effort Smile
Thanks a lot. Keep it up Smile

And yes.... I enjoyed it Very Happy

Points granted for diary :15/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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