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Diary Week 3

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Diary Week 3 Empty Diary Week 3

Post by NoppananJongsakulsri Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:04 pm

Sorry that I missed a week of diary. I was occupied with other subjects homework but I hope you can forgive me!

Monday - I was SO happy because there was NO EP MEETING!!! Woop Woop. I thought mondays are boring but No! Kinda better than tuesdays and wednesdays to be honest.

Tuesday - It was OK because we had some main subjects to learn like Math and stuff. We also had to learn about Scouts and it was also OK but the conditioning (not punishment but about the condition we were in) was so awful.We had to sit on the grass (field) and the grass was out of shape in my opinion. But I won't judge much, the problem was there were some bugs flying around most of the people sitting at the further back of the line like I was! And it was so warm. But the heat of the sunlight went away for a few minutes so I wouldn't say the whole period itself is that bad but still!

Wednesday - I was stressed out with homework but we learned Buddhism and the teacher had us in groups and answer for points which was very awesome! And I also presented the science project with Pun and Baicha. I printed some texts for the future board aswell.

Thursday - We had a club meeting with T.Nelson since Pun, Baicha, Pingping and I are in the club. And he gave us papers to do Bingo game with science words. I am again very forgetful but most of us did win. I won 1st! haha but most of us won aswell so I was very happy. And also SO EMBARRASSING I got about 7 points out of 30 points in T.Mercy's exam but I hope I can do better next time (and others too). one of the questions were "what is a quadrilateral" and I wrote "IS A TRIANGLE WITH......" something like wrong and it's NOT a triangle! Haha

Friday - I ALWAYS HAVE BAD LUCK WITH FRIDAYS But it wasn't that bad because we had P.E and we played a ball game about a monkey in the circle trying to catch the ball. I mean I'm not the best at athletics but I made the ball go crazy LOL It was just going out of the circle but yes I still had fun. And Fridays is close to Saturday so I try my best to be happy on this day and hope to not lose or forget anything  Very Happy


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Diary Week 3 Empty Re: Diary Week 3

Post by Teacher Daniel Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:03 pm

Don't worry. Next time, you will do better during your exam Smile

Why do you always have bad luck with Fridays? Isn't it a day that is supposed to make you happy because of incoming weekend? Very Happy

Points granted for diary :10/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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