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My Diary, Year 6

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My Diary, Year 6 Empty My Diary, Year 6

Post by Chawit Boonprakong Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:56 pm

Nattha: The heck!
Me: Guys, not again, this is pure weird and worse enough, we're doing it in the Christian school.
Willie: Stop being such a scary cat, Aix.
Me: I'm not but if you want to continue, that's fine. Sick of making you guys believe me
*4 people run toward us*
Poom: Are we late?
Willie: Yes, you're so late
Me: When are we starting this game..
Willie: Now!
Me: and who's going to be a zombie?
Poom: I'll be the zombie
Ken: The heck, you're fast.
Me: Well it's his decision so... start?
Willie: Ok guys remember the rules, whoever got tag going to be the next zombie, the helicopter going to arrive at 12:40 and you'll be running around for 40 minutes. Whoever got to the helicopter zone (The back of the swimming pool) survive the zombie apocalypse
Me: RUN!

Survival Diary
(3 minutes after the zombie was released)
I was running as fast as a lighting and weirdly Ken followed me and we just team up to survive the whole 40 minutes without dying, Poom was released and he'll hunt us to the death and we're definitely going to die because he's a fast runner and he is the scary one in the game. "Aix, look!" gasped Ken. As I'm looking what Ken is pointing, I release that Jamine just got caught from the beginning of the game. "I wasn't surprised," said me and Ken reply with "Me, neither". We both see Poom staring at us and it's an obvious sign that we're totally dead. "RUN RUN RUN!" shouted me while holding Ken's hand. We both just run away from him as possible until we found Willie. JESUS CHRIST, WILLIE! shouted Ken and we got yelled by him "Can you guys shut the heck up? Poom is coming hide in here!". All of us hide in the bushes and we heard a sound from the back of the bushes, "Hello, guys!" that voice comes from the one and only shadow-hider, Sweet. "I'm surprised you guys decided to hide here with me", All of us notice that it's the hiding spot for Sweet and it's a great advantage for us since Sweet is very hard to be found or caught. however, if he was caught he'll tell the zombie side everything and spy on us so it's like not such a best move but if it going to make us survive for 40 minutes then we have no choice.

(12 minutes after the zombie released)
"I'm hungry," said Willie. I definitely knew what he is talking about and 3 of us just shake our head down and upward to show that we're not going to the Snack Store. "Why? What's wrong with that" asked Willie, "Remember that time, where Aix was caught because all of the zombies were forming a group over there?", "Oh, no surprise," said Willie. I'm also hungry and itchy because it's very uncomfortable to hide inside the bushes, "Well, I'm going with you. Willie." I said and Ken decided to join with us left us with Sweet and he just keeps shaking his head upward and downward so we decided to go and buy some of the supply and then come back to the bushes where Sweet hide. *Arriving at the store* We're here and then suddenly, there are shouting sound of Nattha. It's logical that if he's shouting that's mean he is sending a signal that Zombie is over here. with our fear, we all ran back to the bushes while Nattha is following us. "Dude dude! Jamine and Phil got caught by Poom" and I reply with "Jamine isn't that surprising but I'm getting worried about Sweet" said Willie. We all decided to run to the hiding spot and surprise surprise, SWEET WAS CAUGHT BY POOM. "HOLY SHOOT" shouted Nattha which detect the zombies and it's time to run and it's going to be a long run if we're going to run away from Poom and the hiding master Sweet, Nattha and Willie run at the east while Ken and I run at the west and fortunately Poom run another way instead of toward us, he ran toward Willie and Nattha which is a bad news for them. Ken and I decided to hide at the toilet room. "Ugh this smells bad" glared Ken but I decided to give him a gesture that is telling him to be quiet and he decided to sleep on my shoulder.

(20 minutes after the zombie released)
"Ken? We're halfway there.. 20 minutes left" whisper me, "HUH!", "Shhh, Ken be quite", Ken and I were hiding for too long and our nose is getting its torturement because the smell is too smelly and it's affecting our nose performance. "Let's get out of here," said Ken, I agreed and we both got out of the toilet and suddenly we found Tana so we approach him with a calm gesture. "Where is Nattha?" asked Tana and both of us wondered "Nattha is dead?" asked me and all of us 3 just give us a weird look and 3 of us just continue. Ken phone rang and he decided to look at his Line and the video pops us. "Oh no, this isn't going to go well," said Ken and he shows the video and let's watch the video, The video shows that Willie and Sweet are walking with POOM!! "THEY GOT CAUGHT!" shouted me, "Well Nattha is nothing to be found inside the video, maybe he survives," said Ken

*To be continued in Week 8*
Written: 14/8/2018
-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No.3
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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My Diary, Year 6 Empty Re: My Diary, Year 6

Post by Teacher Daniel Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:09 pm

Wooow Aix, that was really addictive story. You've got really nice style and tbh this is really magnificent ;d I like stories like that especially that everything is written from the first person perspective, it gives this sort of essence of reality if you know what I mean.

Bravo. I'm looking forward to getting the latter part of the story and I hope it will be released fast.
Have you played this game in real life? Looks amazing because you inspired me now to create something like that in our school Very Happy
Great Very Happy

Points for a diary: 15/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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