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My Diary, Week 8

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My Diary, Week 8 Empty My Diary, Week 8

Post by Chawit Boonprakong Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:25 pm

Welcome Readers or should I say "Chawiters" (It's time for you to laugh and I swear if you didn't laugh I'll haunt you). Not going to lie, that is one of the worse jokes I have ever made but today week going to be special because I'm celebrating the day that I receive 0/10 on my English test from last 2 years since M1 (Grade 7)  RELEASE THE FIREWORK AND START THE CELEBRATION!! *Fireworks go off and burn all of my items in front of my PC*

Jamine: You must be kidding me, my gosh!
Me: What?
Jamine: Your PC is on fire.
Me: Dude shut the heck up.
Jamine: You started first! and what is going on in your head? Firework? where did you even buy that kind of stuff?
Me: Why should I tell you.
Jamine: because I'm curious... I bet you're celebrating the day you got 0/10 in English. What on earth made you so proud of that specific day that you receive the lowest score in your whole life.
Me: Because I want to remind myself that I should always put full-stop at the end of the sentence if I don't want to receive 0/10 again.
Jamine: And... Shouldn't you continue writing that "Zombie's game" story thing that happened like 3 years ago?
Me: Well, I want to release it at 20:00 on the CTL time in Central of Thailand.
Jamine: Why should you added CTL time if you already put "Central of Thailand" into that sentences.
Me: Because it's translated as "Chawoty Time Location".
Jamine: Does that related to "Central of Thailand's time"?
Me: No..
Jamine: Knew it.

13th August 2018, I have been reading about Biology for 10 hours straight and I still can't understand why people said "BIOLOGY IS HARD" I would assume that they're lazy and they have nothing else to complain other than putting a blame on the Biology subject. I don't know what should I feel happy or sad that they skipped Monday and start off the week with the worse subject "scouting", but fortunately on Tuesday, I'll witness some of my favorite like English by T.Jude, Math by my new teacher, and Science by T.Sam. I bet I should be preparing for my tomorrow class and also prepare to sell foods and snacks downstairs for Lunch. OH GOOD NEWS, Ariana Grande's new album "Sweetener" going to be released in 4 days and I should be excited even though Light is coming by Ariana Grande would be bad but No tears left to cry and God is a woman is better and 2 is always more than 1 so the album going to be good even though Light is coming going to be the worse song but we have to wait for another 4 days

14th August 2018, On the first period, nothing much is happening except for the part that I exactly have more homework to clear because of the stupid event on the mother's day that exactly wasted 90% of my school time and I exactly regret going for that event because it's just purely boring and weird. "Chawit?" called Teacher Mercy, I'm sitting with my other classmate and see her knocking the door looking at me with a neutral face which fortunately made me feel comfortable because I thought I'm receiving bad score or worse enough failed her test, I replied her with "Yes?" while looking at T.Mercy with a wondering face and she replied with shocking news which changed the whole perspective of Tuesday, "I'll replace my class with Teacher Sam class so that's why we'll be doing Oral Test for this week, My face is melting down like some kind of chocolate that has been put into the oven "No way" replied me and she decided to said "I hope you prepare it right on time.. for our class". When I entered the room and announced the news everyone is giving an expression of "What the hell is going on" and "OMG I AM SO DEAD AND FAILED". I decided to prepare my script to go and teach in front of the class but if you're wondering what is Oral Test, It's the test that will let students choose at least one of the topic from Mathematics and teach it to the students, it's like presentation but instead of doing it in the powerpoint we're doing it on the board with the marker (blue one). I remembered that I teach about Law of Indices because it's one of my favorite topics on Mathematics and I am used to it more than other topics. The time goes by and if it's getting nearer to Teacher Sam class the more pressure I receive and I am trying to control my excitement and focus on my script for my Oral Test which worth most of the score and it's hard to receive scores because last 2 weeks and last week the highest is only 7/10 and the lowest is 0 and the common point is 3-4 which made me feel more excited but still I need to control my excitement no matter it's good or bad. I need to be balanced and neutral. On Lunch, I asked Juk to be judging me for the sake of wanting to know how much will I going to receive from that Oral Test. "You're doing good," said Juk and I can't handle my excitement so I need to run to run from the seven-floor to the first floor and then back to the seven floor and then back to the first floor to reduce my excitement. the time has begun and I've finished my script but I'm still full of excitement and I am feeling so much stress at the same time. "Welcome students," said Teacher Mercy and she continue with "I don't want to waste much of Oral Test time so the first reporter "Number 3, Chawit". I stepped on the stage and I got so excited my leg is shaking but fortunately I wasn't shaking around on my upper body part so I can move my arms neck and hands properly and I started my presentation "Hello everyone and I'll be talking about.." and I continue my presentation while Teacher Mercy is watching and listening. When I finished my presentation I walk off the stage and I heard her voice saying "9 out of 10" I GOT SO EXCITED AND HAPPY AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY OR HOW TO FEEL BECAUSE I GOT 9 FREAKING 9. The whole class just start being shocked by my presentation and they were surprised by the score I receive like 9/10. I listen to other people present and they got about 4 to 5 and then 6, however, the fun always have its end because when the bell rang it's scouting and it's the time I realized I'm going to get a lot of sweat, today.

15th August 2018, It's the time I had to sell things and receive the score for the planting subject (selling things aren't related to planting but just get along with me), I got assigned as an advertiser and I have to go around the canteen and advertise my store to everyone in order to increase my awareness to everyone. "What happen to the toaster" asked my friends which made me feel shocking as hell because without toaster it's going to ruin the whole store thing and it's going to decrease our profit which worse enough decrease our score but fortunately the toaster work again and I feel glad and.. *The bell rang* Oh no.. the bell rang I had to go and advertise some items in the canteen. Asking me is it easy? I bet it wasn't that easy because most of the people will just walk away and act like nothing is happening and they just going to ignore all the advertise things that related to me but the most of the customer are from the one that I advertise and they ignore which made me feel glad because while they're walking away they heard about the location of my score and what am I selling the whole so it wasn't that surprised that my group got the most profit of 500 baht which made all of us feel glad and happy and I receive 150 baht from that overall profit because I buy some of the stuff and advertise the store. By the way, our new teachers even visited our store and she feels glad that she visited my store and she buys some of the snacks from my store which made me feel excited and happy even T.Mercy visited my store and other Thai teachers. After we sell a lot of items it's teacher Sam class because T.Mercy borrowed his class so Teacher Sam need to replace his class with her class in order to balance the number of subjects so we can catch up with other room, and that's all for Wednesday

Jamine: You're as lazy as hell
Me: Why?
Jamine: You only write 3 days
Me: I haven't much time to write diaries because I'm preparing to go for Biology competition
Jamine: Yeah yeah some random excuse
Me: Stop being such a meannie
Jamine: Childrish words
Me: I don't care ugh...
Jamine: By the way if you're going for the competition next week you need to write something to replace next week
Me: That's why I'll release my "Diary, Year 6" part 2, Wednesday on 20:00 CTL on Central Thailand Time
Jamine: Just remove the "CTL" thing out..
Me: No
Jamine: I don't care.

Written: 19/8/2018
-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No.3
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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