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My Family Members

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My Family Members Empty My Family Members

Post by Chawit Boonprakong Tue May 22, 2018 8:56 pm

Hello, I am Chawit Boonprakong and today I'll be introducing and at the same time talking about my "Boonprakong's Family". My family consists of 4 members or.. 6 members if you want to count my dog as well and my cat. My Family consists of 6 members which are Mom, Dad, My Brother, My dog, My cat and me, so I'll be talking about each of my family members. let's start off with my Mom. My Mom, she is the only family members who is working and finding money for my family, she is currently working in the company called Sea Fly and at the same time she is working as a manager there, she also has a job of managing our family payment, being an alarm clock for me and my brother in the morning, preparing clothes and items for school, and taking care of my family. My Dad, he is the family member that likes to talk about facts especially when he is bored, he loves teaching me and my brother about Science and Mathematics, and he is extremely funny, he has a job of sending us to school, cooking food, teaching us Science and Mathematics, and taking care of my family. My Brother, there is nothing much to say about him, he was born on May 15th, 2001, he is 17 years old and he is 2 years ahead of my age, he loves learning mathematics, eating porridge, and having fun with his friends. My cat, my cat has a gender as male, his name is "Mameon", it has been living with us for 6 years straight when I was Grade 1 until Grade 7, unfortunately, my cat has been missing after I finished my first year in Bodin 2, the only thing I can describe about my pet cat is "FAT". My pet dog, I remember that me and my brother have been asking my parents for straight 3 years for our pet dog, they denied our request until I was Grade 7, they decided that me and my brother had enough responsibility on taking care of our pet so they bought my pet dog and they decided to name it "Pep" because my mom wanted to be closest to her old pet dog's name "Beb", Pep has been staying with us for 3 years already, I won't bother to let it stay for 10 more years. The last family member is me, Chawit Boonprakong, I am the smallest family member, I'm 15 years old and I'm 2 years after my brother was born, nothing much to say about myself since I already introduce myself. That's all for this topic. Thank for reading and always remember to always love your family. See you!

-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No,3
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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My Family Members Empty Re: My Family Members

Post by Teacher Daniel Sun May 27, 2018 11:40 am

Very good description Smile no mistakes, correct tenses plus appropriate vocabulary.

Points granted for homework:5/5
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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