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Post by Kankawee Teesuweewat Thu May 24, 2018 6:50 pm

Today is my first time that I write diary, so I'm not habituate to it but at least I'll try. I'll call my diary as brother. Today I will write my diary, what ever the day it was, I couldn't remember. It's one of my horrible or day that I was very exciting and I knew what's gonna happen, it's Final Exam day 555. Last night I didn't sleep pale  , I didn't know why but I always have problem with sleeping and that day was my bad luck day😢. When I did the Exam I couldn't do it it's Science.I did fail it but others I passed. N0thing can't be change in that day the thing is Try the best and not give up. Can I book a ticket in my diary?, No bro u can't, I am just remind u. 555 funny I try to play with my diary Very Happy . I came home I play games that's it. No I need to do my homework Yes bounce . I can write diary forever about past or yesterday. Because of technology now a day people use picture to describe what they see, I'll tell my story to Diary. In the ancient time there were no cameras so people took notes or wrote a story for example: A man saw a big snake rapidly, then he thought that " OMG I had just seen a Dragon " at the moment he came back to the village and tell everyone that I saw a dragon. Every one believed him and tell the untrue story until now. I didn't mean that diary is bad, because it practice our writing skill, typing and make fun not to be bored. Something writing is better than a picture.

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Kankawee Teesuweewat
Kankawee Teesuweewat

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Kankawee Teesuweewat Empty Re: Kankawee Teesuweewat

Post by Teacher Daniel Sat May 26, 2018 8:06 pm

Nice story Smile I hope your day went well because it looked horrible a little bit.

good job, keep it doing Smile

Points granted for diary:8/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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