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Diary2 (Phanop koenchai)

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Diary2 (Phanop koenchai)  Empty Diary2 (Phanop koenchai)

Post by Phanop koenchai Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:52 pm

Today is Monday, I start the first day at school(In this week) by waking up at 5.30am and take a bath. My Mon is ironing my shirt while I am taking a bath. My mom make an omelet for me, It is delicious because my favorite food is omelet and fried egg. I leave at my home at 6.00am, Today the traffic is a little bit jam it makes me arrive at school around 6.50am. In the morning students do the morning activities like normal, today there are not too many announcement in the morning. The Morning activities finished around 8.10am. The first period is English(T.Phill) we watched titanic and answer the question in a work sheet. The second period is health(T.Sam) we learn about sexual in teenagers and how to prevent pregnancy in woman. The third and fourth period I learn computer(T.Ace), he announce about the work. I finish the work last week already so I got free time for 2 period. I walk around the class to see that who is not finished and I see one. It is Hannah.. I thought that she finished the work last week, I was a bit surprised... So that's make me decided to help her because most of the student are finished. She got a bit problem with the work, Me and T. Ace tried the best to help her but we can't. She was a bit upset so I decided to try/do something to the work and save it again. That's make the work completely finished then she sent the work to T. Ace gmail. The sixth period we learn geography with T. Ace again, I lost my book... At got only notebook so I decided to write the information in the book. Hannah and Benz try to help me by Hannah lend me her book and Benz tell me to sit beside her. I say thanks to them and don't take the book because it is my responsibility to keep the book and bring it to school. The seventh period we learn English with T.Daneil(Its you) we learn about writing our best friend, My best friend is Lily because we learn together since we were kindergarden until now. There is many thing we do together. The last period is Supplementary math with T. Mercy this is the class that I don't understand the most in all of the subject. We all leave the school at 3.10pm because there are no EP meeting today. I left the school around 3.20pm with Oat and walk to Maxvalue with him to learn guitar and English but we didn't learn anything because the teacher is busy. We met nine,tonson and Lily learning math we say hello with each other and play Rov with Oat(Rank) after we finish I told Oat to do this diary work( were doing diary at 4.3pm.) and leave at Maxvalue around 5.00pm Oat go home and I go home, I arrive at home around 7.00pm. take a bath have dinner play game watch YouTube and sleep around 9.30pm.
Phanop koenchai
Phanop koenchai

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Diary2 (Phanop koenchai)  Empty Re: Diary2 (Phanop koenchai)

Post by Teacher Daniel Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:16 pm

Wonderful diary Smile
It's really creative. Keep it up Smile

Points granted for diary :10/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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