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diary NO.18 Empty diary NO.18

Post by Thanyarat Chaiyut Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:35 am

Today is Friday , 15 June. I love Friday so much because tomorrow in the morning i don't have to wake up for going to school :-) So for tomorrow me and my sister planned for watching netflix all day and sleeping lol . Our first period of the day is geography . Today social is learning about topography of Europe , I love this subject so much i love to learned about land, And the next class is T.Nelson class . Its a basic science class today we have short quiz . I think its so hard but before i do a quiz teacher gave us a time for review before we get start. And i think i will pass it lol. And the third class is Thai Buddhism. This subject have taught by Thai teacher its a command subject because Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand that everyone have to know. But i don't like to learn this subject lol i think this subject is the second of Thai history . And the last period before i will go to get lunch is Thai mathematics , I love to learn but not in Thai actually i'm Thai but i don't like Thai language so much its have a lot of law that we have to learn and i will be confused with english mathematics lol. So now it's time for lucnchhhhhh. This is what i'm waiting for T-T I'm feel so hungry in the morning i used a lot of brain energy so i will charge it will lunch . Today i'm gonna eat fried crispy pork with rice . I love to eat it i eat like this everyday for a months but i'm not bored :-) And sixth period is Basic mathematics with T.sukit , It's very very very very easy for me . I finished the worksheet in 10  minutes lol. Today we learn about new topic that is how to find scale factor of each images. And the seventh period is counselling ( CL ) , Today teacher mercy gave us time to find some quotes about respect in each group . And i love this period because its like a relax subject when we've got some problem we will asked teacher mercy to solve a problem and teacher  mercy will gave us a lot of counsel that we can used in real life in each situation . Teacher mercy always told us about experience that teacher have been pass through before and in each experience that teacher told us its always have  some of good remarks :-) . Then next period is Thai , omg i hate this subject so much lol i don't know what i'm learning now , i'm lost hehe . And our last period is English with T.Daniel , Today teacher gave us a unit test , hm i think its not easy and not hard . And I'm feel so adorable because i got 15.5/15 omg when i've heard that i'm feel so so so excited because i'm feel a little confused when i'm doing a test lol. And finally i's time up and it's time to go home it was a rainy but luckily i arrived home before it's rain. When i get at home i go to watch netflix before i do everything i love to watched movie . And the movie that i watched today is The end of f**king world , It's about couple that doesn't care anything in this world it was very fun i loved it , So this is all i do for this day . I hope you enjoy with yours weekend :-)

Thanyarat Chaiyut

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diary NO.18 Empty Re: diary NO.18

Post by Teacher Daniel Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:11 pm

Good job Smile
A lot of description on school subjects along with details about feelings.

I know the TV series you watched haha it's... crazy and strange, too.

Points granted for diary :10/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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