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My third Diary

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My third Diary Empty My third Diary

Post by Thanakorn prasertchiewcha Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:46 pm

My third Diary(18-22 July)

MONDAY: On Monday
For me Monday is not the worst day because their is another day that worse than Monday and let's talk about Monday first.
In the first subjects is Thai After that is English and I learned about month days. For the Third class is Art and the teachers
teaches us to draw our Hero in the topic of "My Hero". Next is T. Mercy class and she tell to do the family tree for the next class.
Then it was lunch time. after that I have career subjects and I thought I'm gonna be finished but no, the teachers told me to fix it
but it was easy but it took about 1 class and then it's my free time.

TUESDAY: On Tuesday
This is the day I don't like because it has scout and it's hot but that doesn't too bad.
So the first subject I have Math with T. Sukit and then history of Bodindecha school. The Third subject is science.
He taught about matter and when the bell is rang at 11.50 A.M. I'll be happy because it's lunch break.
After lunch break we have Thai class and then Social and T. Ace taught about the region of Thailand. After that is scout.
Then the last subjects was Thai math and it wasn't hard.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday
After morning activities Science and then Buddhism also a fun class. Then we have Math with T. Sukit and a little bit of nervous.
Next it's History with Thai teacher. I feel this day is so long for every week from the morning, afternoon until evening.
Okay, let's talk about subjects after lunch. After lunch it was Health and I have a test but not too hard and a little bit hard.
Then I have meeting level which is nice. after meeting I go up stairs and then I have English class with T. Lyn and after that it was
Chinese and we were practicing to say and memorize Chinese vocabulary.

THURSDAY: On Thursday
This day is one of very nice day for me because of this day has club, library, and only 8 periods and I feel this day is shorter more than the other days.
Let's talk about first subjects. It was club, my club is science with T. Sam and I'm so happy and fun with this club. We learned about drones.
Then I have second class which is English but I can't remember what I've learned. After English class I have Science and T. Nelson taught
about observing and collecting data and he told us to do the worksheet about observing and collecting data to practice maybe more but I can't remember
Next is Library class this is also nice class because it's not hard then I have lunch. When the lunch time is up it was social with quiz
and he told us to do the essay of 6 region of Thailand. Then I have T. Mercy class she told us to help check the answers from the quiz.
And then it's Science class and the end of the day.

FRIDAY: On Friday
This is one of the very nice day too for me and I think for everyone.
Let's get to the first subjects, first subjects was Physical Education then it was Music the subjects I liked.
For the third subjects I have Math and I forgot what I've learned in that class. And the fourth subjects was English with T. Daniel
I feel fun and we have lunch. After that I have Thai science the teacher told us that we'll have a plane contest next class at the meeting room.
So next, I have Chinese class which is great! I'm not sure do I have free time that class. Then I have Thai class and I learned about poem
different types of words. And the last subjects is T. Nelson class which is Science and I'm happy with this class
but I forgot again what I've did in this class, So at the end of the day I'm not so happy because of the work I have but still a nice day.

   Thanakorn Prasertchiewchan
               No.5 M.1/3

Thanakorn prasertchiewcha

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My third Diary Empty Re: My third Diary

Post by Teacher Daniel Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:13 am

You do so much good job that I am speechless. I will mention you in the class, thanks

Points granted for diary :25/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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