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My Diary, Week 5 (Don't even ask about Week 4)

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My Diary, Week 5 (Don't even ask about Week 4) Empty My Diary, Week 5 (Don't even ask about Week 4)

Post by Chawit Boonprakong Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:57 pm

Hello readers, I would love to apologize for didn't send "Diary, Week 4" since the diary was deleted for some weird reason, however, this week is going to be 10 times more excited than last week.
June 18th, 2018, We finally had answers for the disappearing of our Chinese Teacher, "He/She has been disappearing so I'll be releasing the mid-term exam and I'll be teaching you instead of him/her" said our Thai-Chinese Teacher that going to teach to replace our main Chinese Teacher, I wouldn't be surprised after my Chinese Teacher announced the news because he had been disappearing for 5 weeks now, so it wouldn't be weird if he/she isn't going to teach us. Talking about Monday, we all going to think about "PISA" since my files for "Diary, Week 4" disappear so I have to waste my time explaining what is PISA all over again, wait I had an idea
*Runs into someone house*
Me: Hey can I borrow your time machine?
&*#&@*: Sure, but bring it back this time.
Me: Well, unfortunately, I won't going to return it until Ariana Grande accept that her new single "Light is coming" is a lazy, catchy and repeated lyrics song, the only part that I enjoy about the song is when Nicki Minaj's rap
&*#&@*: Hey! I am her big fan!
Me: Sorry! I need to use this for my Diary
*Walks back into my computer*
Well, as you can see I borrowed this from some of my old friend name "&*#&@*", Uhmm by the way how can I use this *Press a button* and there we go
*Time Travelled*
Me (Old): *typing*
Me: Hello, Me? uhmm I mean Me!
Me (Old): What the heck are you doing here! You scare me!
Me: Can you explain all over again what PISA is?
Me (Old): Sure.. anything to make a weirdo like you get out of this place
So, PISA is a test that tests student skills in the Thai Grammar, the test will be testing about Reading, Writing and Spelling and the test will be affected to our Thai Language subject's score.
Me: Thanks
*Time Travelled back*
Woah... Maybe I will return this Time Machine thiggy back tomorrow, Well my experience on PISA exam is a great experience? To be honest, when I was in Grade 8, I usually struggle at spelling in Thai but this time I felt like I did it very well? I am not sure but I am confident that I'm doing very well even though I didn't finish the last page that contains 3 questions? but at least it's better than failing the test.

June 19th, 2018, Nothing much, I started researching for Oneness in Diversity and Together in Oneness in order to prepared for the "Speech Contest", it took me a lot of time but with my wonderful parents help, the research only took me 4 hours (Also count writing my own script). Scouting class made my day worse even though it is already bad because I had a lot of stress about Chapter test and Science-Show and now I had to feel the pain of my legs until now because we need to march like a soldier, even though we stopped but still we need to march and another problem with marching was when I need to look at another person's leg to march correctly which hurts my neck, We need to march around the basketball field 2 times with a little to rest but a lot to march but this wasn't the worst part because the worst part is when I got released 15:45 and, unfortunately, I had an extra class and I need to arrived there 16:00 which is impossible, so I missed the class and I have to go home with no worksheet for my mid-term exam, which pissed me off. Oh yes, We need to march like this next Friday, so prepare to see us march like a soldier but nothing going to get better because tomorrow is the day that we need to created a flowers thing for the "Wai Teacher's Day", not going to lie, I still can't separate between "Caster Day" (It's a kid's day but instead we need to thank our teacher and it is exactly as what Teacher day should be) and "Wai Teacher's Day".

June 20th, 2018, We had 78% free times because it was the day we need to prepared flowers for the "Wai Teacher's Day" so most of the teachers would gave us free-time to complete the flower decoration thing before 4 in the evening, and the reason I said "Free-time" because it was a free-time for anyone who didn't attend to decorate the flowers. I used my free-time wisely and properly on singing on my phone and the reason why I'm singing because it was 2 hours free-time, at first it sounds fun but after 30 minutes most of my classmates just got bored (also me), and read books also... This ruined much of my favorite day of my school because Wednesday is the most well-organized schedule, it is full of my favorite subject in the afternoon, We had Science, Social, and Mathematics (Trust me nothing can ruin this afternoon class), but since in the afternoon half of my classmates went and helped on decorating the flowers for the "Wai Teacher's Day", so most of the class weren't as active as 28 students because everyone would feel like they're weirdly lonely without another 14 students, in result, most of the class are quited and it was a good thing until I noticed it felt weirdly lonely. After my Mathematics class, I'm curious to see how my flowers decorating on teachers day looks like, so I decided to walked inside the canteen and I saw the flowers that my classmates decorated them, it looks wonderful and creative, however, I can't look at those wonderfully decorated flowers because most of the flowers just ruined some of the class, MY FAVORITE CLASS.

June 21st, 2018, Here came our "Wai Teacher's day", to be honest, this ceremony put a smile on my face because it made me reminded me of my old teachers when I was in Grade 7 example T.Joan, T.Michael, and T.Marcus and I love how T.Mercy has been staying in BodinDecha 2 school for 5 years now (By the way I love T.Mercy), Yes... T.Daniel I know you're reading so I will give you what you're expecting, AHEM, and also my funny teacher T.Daniel (I also love him). There wasn't much in the ceremony but the funniest part of the ceremony was when it was T.Sukit's turn to walked and sat on the chair it turned out to be T.Nelson... Most of my classmate just wondered how did T.Nelson come, so all of us decided to asked some of the teachers and it was revealed that T.Sukit didn't come to school, well it was better to have some replacement than letting that seat blank. We had to learn about drawing a free-body diagram on Physics class, I love drawing it because it's complex and I don't need to remember much other than, F=Ma and another weird physics formula which I don't want to mention it because I want to reduce the number of people leaving this page because of seeing some kind of Physics formula, I understand the free-body diagram thing but another thing I didn't understand from that class until Friday, 12:33 is why W (Weight) turn into Negative, this created ton of questions inside my head because the formula should be "SigmaF = T + N + W = 0" if I switched the position it should be " N = -T - W" but instead it turned out to be "N = -T +W" so this gave me ton of stress because I want to know "WHY", so when I got home I started researching on it. Lunchtime, I need to complete for Speech Contest and I'm weirdly excited because I'll be competing with another 4 people from M2, I enjoyed saying my speech about "Oneness in Diversity and Together in Oneness" it was lots of fun, I'll be waiting for a result but I very wanted to go for Speech Contest!, Let's wait and see.

June 22nd, 2018, "Bodindecha day" made me feel like I am being toasted over and over again, because it was hot as hell in the middle of the sun, let's be real, I regretted on wearing my jacket downstairs it was just a big mistakes, the whole point of this kind of ceremony was to gave an opportunity to all Matthayoms or Grade 7 - 12 to pray BodinDecha statue  but it just went very... messy and hot, we waited in the middle of the sun for 20 minutes straight and I didn't even count the part where we have to sing and listen to someone talking about something, after the class most of the boy in my classmate took their shirt off for the sake of releasing the heat out of their body (not in a sexual way) and luckily there were no girls in the classroom *Juk suddenly walked in* uhhh maybe I said "Most", however, I changed my shirt before any girls walked into the classroom but for some boys that didn't have time to change their shirt in time well they have to face their consequence. *Girl screaming* yep.. consequences, there aren't much on Friday and I don't even want to talk about how they turned the "Meeting class" into "Scouting class" and we were forced to walk in the middle of the sun around the field 2 times and march all the time.

Overall it is such a great and exciting week but it isn't that perfect because I witness some of the brokenhearted moments but I will just throw that off and act like nothing happened

&*#&@*: Hey Chawit!
Me: Dude! WHAT!
&*#&@*: The Time machine
Me: Ugh fine.. *give it back*
&*#&@*: Well, if you didn't complain about Ariana Grande new song "Light is coming" I would let you borrow The Time Machine for 1 day.
Me: Well, I didn't make the song.
&*#&@*: Me neither, and don't let me complain about how lazy Clean Bandit's single "Solo" is.
&*#&@*: Well, thank for The Time Machine *Look* Wait.. you broke my button!
*Runs away*

Written: 22/6/2018
-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No.3
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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My Diary, Week 5 (Don't even ask about Week 4) Empty Re: My Diary, Week 5 (Don't even ask about Week 4)

Post by Teacher Daniel Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:56 pm

Seems like you never let me down which makes me curious about what will happen next. To begin with, I would gladly say that something brand new showed up like this mysterious conversation that I partially understand. It's like an internal monologue between you and yourself. Can you highlight a little bit so that I can have some light on it? Very Happy

Anyway, I hope the teacher's day brought you sort of positive feelings because according to the majority, it was such an unbearable scorching heat that students were only thinking about hiding somewhere in the shadow.

Haha it's amusing that You've noticed absence of Teacher Sukit. Well, it was pretty discernable.

Good job on diary Smile Keep it up

Points granted for diary :15/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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