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Alilada Lily Vagyoczki

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Alilada Lily Vagyoczki Empty Alilada Lily Vagyoczki

Post by Alilada Lily Vagyoczki Sun May 20, 2018 2:00 pm

20 May 2018

Dear diary,
I'm very excited about writing this diary.I haven't written one in a few years! I actually don't have time to write separate diaries for each day so,this diary is going to be long,belive me.Starting from last Tuesday, even if it's the last day before my school holiday ends, I still have a very busy and tiring day.I have to wake up early and go to work. Sorry,I forgot to tell you.I work as a voice actress for SDI media.You know,when you put your voice in cartoons and movies.I have been working since I was in primary 3.That's nearly 6 years already!!! Quite a long time,am I right?Coming back to what I did last Tuesday.So, after I finished working I went to learn Mathematics and Music theory.A lot of people asked me "what is music theory".I know you are wondering too.I'll tell you,music theory is basicly about musical chords,notes,music instruments and popular musicians in the pass.For me it is very interesting.Then when I finished both subjects,I came back home and have a Ja-Khe lesson.It was a very busy day,wasn't it.Next is Wednesday the 16th, the first day back to school!! Some students might say that it's boring.At first I thought that it was going to be very boring, but I was wrong.At the end of the day I found it very interesting, I had a lot of fun seeing my friends again and meeting new teachers.On Thursday after school I have a piano lesson.I need to practice a lot because,I'm having a piano concert coming up next Saturday.And on Friday after school I went to have another Math lesson.Then it's Saturday,finally!! Actually, I'm not that happy about Saturday.I always have a lot of things to do on the weekend.Yesterday, in the morning I had music theory and English classes for 3 hours in total.Then I went to practise my piano for about an hour.After that I came home and did my homework.It was nearly 5 pm. already. So I left home and go to Seacon Square to learn my singing lesson.I had to leave home early because Seacon Square is quite far from my house and the traffic in Thailand is terrible!!! Sometimes I had to sit in the car for like an hour or two just to get to Ladprao road to visit my old school which is LBS(Ladprao Bilingual School).Back to my singing lesson, I started my lesson at 6.30pm. then I finished at nearly 8pm. I left Seacon Square about 8.30pm. I got home at nearly 10pm.I still have to practise my Ja-Khe because yesterday I have a homework to send to my teacher.I went to sleep at 11.30pm.I was very tired.But as you can see,the subjects that I learn is mostly about music.So even I'm tired I'm still happy.My diary's getting long already,but there's only one day left!!! So,the last day that I will write in this diary is Sunday wich is Today! Tomorrow I have to go back to school, I wish the weekend is longer but anyway,talking about what I did today.In the morning, I went to one of my relative's house.Her father passed away 100 days already.So she set up a ceremony to commemorate about him.So me and my family help her to set up the ceremony.When the ceremony finishes I come back home and have a little bit of free time so, I've decide to use my free time to write this diary.After I finish my diary I will study spanish.I can speak a little bit of spanish but I want to improve.So I've been finding websites and books about studying spanish.I have been wanting to learn spanish with a teacher since forever but I don't have time.So I need to study by myself.People always ask me why I want to learn spanish.I started to listen to spanish songs for a few years already.I really like them and I want to understand them.And I wanted to speak a third language so, i've been trying to learn spanish since then.Today in the evening I also have a mini piano concert.So I think I will practise before going to play at the mini concert.So that's it for my diary!One more thing, I just wanted to say that I really love this website.It gives me a chance to write my diary and find informations about interesting topics and see other people ideas.If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have an amazing opportunity like this.Thank you for making this website and that you for reading.I love you.Te amo.

Alilada Lily Vagyoczki M.2/3 No.30

Alilada Lily Vagyoczki

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Alilada Lily Vagyoczki Empty Re: Alilada Lily Vagyoczki

Post by Krittapas Suradinkura Mon May 21, 2018 9:47 pm

very long story O_O
Krittapas Suradinkura
Krittapas Suradinkura

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Alilada Lily Vagyoczki Empty Re: Alilada Lily Vagyoczki

Post by Kankawee Teesuweewat Mon May 21, 2018 9:53 pm

Kankawee Teesuweewat
Kankawee Teesuweewat

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Alilada Lily Vagyoczki Empty Re: Alilada Lily Vagyoczki

Post by Teacher Daniel Sat May 26, 2018 7:59 pm

Wow Lily, don't you think it's too much job for you? I'm really astonished if it comes your responsibilities but don't you feel exhausted? if not, give me the recipe for your eternal power hahaha
What you think about Spanish? is it easy for you or difficult?
We have one Spanish teacher at school, maybe you can try several lessons

Very good diary, include some photos next time to get more points.

Points granted for diary:9/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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Alilada Lily Vagyoczki Empty Re: Alilada Lily Vagyoczki

Post by Sponsored content

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