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My Diary, Week 2

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My Diary, Week 2 Empty My Diary, Week 2

Post by Chawit Boonprakong Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:40 pm

May 27th, 2018, I lost half of my voice because of my "Science" class that was taught by Thai Teacher, I swear I have been asking him about "Dihybrid Cross" for 90 times and he didn't even hear and give attention to what I am talking about and the classroom goes like a pure chaos because everyone is shouting and running around the classroom, "Teacher what is "Dihybrid Cross" I asked him, and I got ignored and lost half of my voice from shouting over and over again, to be honest, I should have been smart and stop shouting. At the end of the "Science" class, I had decided to search what I had been wondering on my own and I should have done that in the first place *Smacking my own head*. After the class finished, we were forced to go for an "EP Meeting" and our "Head English Problem Teacher" asked me a favor, "Are you Chawit?" asked "Head English Problem Teacher" with nice and calm voice, "Yes? Anything I can help?" asked me, It took me 5 minutes to breathe and speak because I lost my voice and I had to carry my bag and walk down from the 7th floor, "I want you to be our MC" at first I thought it is "Minecraft" but she noticed my wondering face and she decided to said "MC can be translated as Master of Ceremony", Master of Ceremony has a job as a "speaker" for the specific ceremony, after she said that I was surprised because I haven't been doing this kind of stuff for a while, last time I did this kind of speech ceremony thinggy was when I was going for the Science Project completition on Grade 8 with T. Nelson, at first I was stressed and mad but I decided to control my disgusting and disgraceful feelings and said "Yes" since I haven't done this kind of thing for a while and it would bring me some entertainment for this weekends since I have nothing to do in the weekends, at the end of the meeting I saw the girl from Grade 7, she's talking to the "Head Teacher Of English Problem", after I walked right to that girl and the "Head Teacher Of English Problem" the voice from "Head Teacher Of English Problem" immediatly came at me, "Chawit, this will be your partner for your Parent meeting ceremony" by the way I am the Master Of Ceremony on parent meeting, I was happy but I was expected my friend "Thanawan" to be my partner, unfortunately, her decsion is official and couldn't be changed "Meet me at 7:30 in the morning, Chawit" said our Head Teacher of EP, I responed with "Yes, I will wake up as fast as a light speed", after that I decided to walk out of the school with that girl that had been chosen to be my partner for the parent meeting, we introduced ourselves and we walked around talking about random stuff about cats, dogs, and other random stuff.

May 28th, 2018. Yepto, Zepto, Atto, Femto, Piano and etc. are called "Prefixes" if you guys think this is hard, I disagree because it's fun and easy to remember all of them but unfortunately I can't say the same thing for "Health". Nothing much on May 28th, 2018 I just followed an instruction that Teacher let us do and do some assignment and homework except for the sword that T.Daniel gave me because I had the highest score, yesterday, shout out to you T.Daniel. It made my life challenging in a weird way for all of our family members, when I received a sword on Monday or May 27th, 2018, I hid the sword in the bookshelf at the back of the class because everyone in the classroom wanted me to either give them 30 points or they'll break my sword and decrease my points, which gave me a pure anxiety about my sword, while I am doing my homework I remembered about my sword and I received anxiety about my sword, I can't sleep, eat, play or drink without thinking of my sword condition that was currently inside that bookshelf and I am scared of my friend name "Sam", by the way, shout out to you Sam and I wish you a best of luck in the hospital, He keeps saying the same thing "Gimme 30 points or I will breck ur sword loLOLOLOLolodwq0-fowefo" the more he said that the more I received anxiety about my sword and he gave all of my friends the greatest advice ever "If Chawit did not givveee u 30 pointsss u just breck his sword and he will suffferrr omg ahhahahahahhaha lololol" he said this in front of all of my friend at the same time in front of me, this gives me more anxiety about my sword, fortunately, I could concentrated about my homework.

May 29th, 2018, I quickly ran up to the 7th floor as fast as I could when I reach the school because Sam always arrived faster than me which gave me more anxiety about my sword, fortunately, I got my sword and my friend didn't even bother to search for it, maybe I am thinking too much after, however, Sam didn't arrive the school yet, *Internal scream* so I decided to beg T.Sukit to keep the sword for me because I can't bring it downstairs with me while I am doing the school ceremony, he denied at first but after he noticed my level of anxiety for the sword, he decided to accept it and let him took care of the sword for me. After the school ceremony I relaxed and returned my sword from T.Sukit, "HEY AIX OMG IS DAT DA SWORD" My heart stopped, it is Sam and he pointed at my sword, I decided to run with the sword as fast as I could, while in the class I have to hid it under the deck and when there is a break I always walk around with the large yellow sword around, I don't care if anyone thinks I'm acting like a weirdo but I don't want to get minus points about my sword, so I had to bring it with me no matter what, after the class finished I had decided to went home with my sword while 90% of Thai teachers that I walked passed asked me the same question "Are you using that to stab someone", My gosh I CAN'T STAB SOMEONE WITH THE PLASTIC FIGURE SWORD *Internal screams and external screams*.

May 31th, 2018, It is a hard decision about who am I going to give score to but Juk (Kanlayakorn) got the most score, since I want most of my group to receive scores that are higher than 40 ,fortunately, Juk received 74 points so I decided to used on 3 of my other friends to help them with the score, after I finished what I had to do with that sword, I decided to continue on reading Science and Social Studies, but the reason I want to give my score in the office because if I give it in the middle of the class, I would get hated and shouted at because everyone rage for scores from me. Nothing Much just a normal class.

June 1st, 2018, Normal class, I answered a lot of question from another teacher, I earned more game currency for reviewing games, and I got the great result for my Social Studies score (44/50) I wasn't satisfied but it is the best I can do for that subject just for now, but best of all I DON'T NEED TO RECEIVE ANY MORE ANXIETY ABOUT MY SWORD and I heard the news about Sam condition. it wasn't going well for him so I want to wish him the best of luck and I want to see him at the school again, Good Luck, Sam! (Wongpan Wongmethakul)
Overall this is such an anxiety week and tired at the same freaking time, but expect me to be appearing on the parent meetings as "MC (Master of Ceremony)". I am very excited to be one of that and let's see how well will I speak at the parent meeting
See you!

Written: 1/6/2018
-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No.3

Last edited by Chawit Boonprakong on Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:49 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : My incorrect grammar and spelling.)
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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My Diary, Week 2 Empty Re: My Diary, Week 2

Post by Teacher Daniel Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:14 am

Thank you for your extensive answer. I'm really astonished by the effort you have put into writing it. Frankly saying, having your voice affected by the continual usage may lead to serious problems but it's all quite common when you are exposed to numerous activities. I do knot know whether you liked this activity or not but it must have been tough, for sure.

Anyway, please contact me straight away. We need to think over one topic.
Thank you.

Points granted for diary :10/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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