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My Diary, Week 3

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My Diary, Week 3 Empty My Diary, Week 3

Post by Chawit Boonprakong Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:33 pm

June 4th, 2018, I felt like the 2nd version of Teacher, because I love teaching people on something that they don't understand, on Chinese class, the teacher that replaced our old Chinese teacher decided to give us free-time because our main Chinese teacher hasn't arrived here, for now. I tried my best to teach my friends on converting units, converting from standard form to Scientific notation, and using correct "Prefixes", it goes very well for me but I'm not sure did my friend understand, let's just hope they understand. In Thai-Music class, I am having a lot of problems remembering notes, but I'm going to be honest, I don't know any of the notes because I'm not interested in remembering all of them so I used my "Science remembering skills" instead of remembering notes, my "Science remembering skills" is very complex I don't know how to describe it but let's just say "camera brain" I'll remember the part of the paper just like how camera works and I will like... just know that it is complex and it is different from the normal remembering way, at the end, it goes very well for me because I passed the test easily.

June 5th, 2018, OH MY GOSH, My neck and other parts that attach the bones of my body won't going to recover from this pain, In Thai-Dance class, I learned how to dance, not going to lie, I enjoyed dancing in Thai-Dance class, even though it is painful but I still had a lot of fun dancing and the dance moves are full of beautiful meaning, after the class, I twisted my neck and other parts of my bodies for 10 full minutes in Math class and I could still feel the pain of my body, it could be annoying sometimes but I won't mind, atleast, I got to exercised in that Thai-Dance class. Scouting class is the 2nd version of an oven, We had to stand in the middle of the sun and listened to what the teacher said, it could be half useless and half useful but most of them were useless, but I should be glad that I didn't bring my jacket downstairs because that would be like an oven inside an oven again.

June 6th, 2018, "Chawit" an aggressive voice reached my ears, "Yes?" I replied and when I turned it was my teacher that teach about "Planting trees", he asked me to help my classmate about different type of trees, by the way, he chose 4 students to walked around the school and remembered all the type of trees, so when the class begun, me and my other 3 students begun to walked with my teacher and the reason we had to walked with our teacher because my teacher wanted us to remembered all type of trees and explained to all of our classmates, when my teacher was explaining, I didn't understand a thing because most of the trees are color green and all of them look the same, "why do they had to name them when all of the trees are color in GREEN" asked me and expecting someone to answered, and nobody replied to my question, when he finished explaining about different type of trees which I am totally mind-less and confused, he wanted us to tour other 24 classmates and do exactly the same thing he did to 4 of us, I am shocked with my mouth open a little wide, I didn't understand a thing and he wanted me to tour other students and do exactly the thing he wanted us to do?, my teacher divided all 24 students into 4 lines and he said "I have to go check something, I'll be right back", when I walked out and asked my classmates to walk behind me, all of them just disappear like they cast some invisible spell or something, atleast, I didn't have to explain all of the trees?, I'll count that as a good thing. In T.Mercy's class, We learned about Law of Indices in T.Mercy class, I hate this topic because there were lots of formulas for me to remember, fortunately, T.Mercy explained to my classmate and most of them understand what she had teached.

June 7th, 2018, It's our day to present our topic about "WWII" in T.Daniel's class, all of my team members are excited even Kanlayakorn (Juk), she never been this excited in any of the presentations, we prepared T.Daniel presentation for 4 days and we're fully ready to present to him about "WWII", "Psst, Chawit" said New while she's pointing at my summary book, I replied with "Why are you pointing at that book?", "Is it necessary?" asked New, to be honest, I expected someone to asked me that question and I am fully ready to answer, "It is necessary since T.Daniel can't read everything on the PowerPoint" I answered, she nodded and we moved on to shared some script and papers, after the presentation finished, we were like stunted by the score, "How the heck are those teams score are like 2 times far away from us" asked me with a curious face, "Oh god.. if they got 7/20, how about us?" said Yin *5 minutes later when T.Daniel announced the score* "WHY DO WE GET 11/20" whispered me with my stressful and curious face, everyone in my team is dissapointed and tired after seeing this kind of result but we still have a little hope after T.Daniel said this "Re-presentation Tomorrow, in case you want to upgrade your score.", after he said this quote, most of my teammate just gave up and moved on with 11/20 except for New and Me, New is very serious when it comes to presentation, drama (Soap Opera) and Thai-dance, it seem like she wasn't satisfied with her score on our presentation, "I am doing the presentation, again" said New with her disappointed and tired face, "Are you sure? It seems like we're having a math test and it is occurring tomorrow" said me, "Well are you joining or what?" asked her and I nodded to confirmed her answered that I am joining the "Re-presentation". The class finished and almost all of our classmate skipped extra class, but my group wanted to skip extra class to read "Law of indices" and prepare for a chapter test tomorrow after we finished reading and tutoring I heard a weird voice "Is this Chawit, Yin?" said Yin's mom, when I see her I tried to be as polite as I can because it's YIN'S MOM, "Don't swear, Chawit" whispered New, I gave her a look which can be defined as "ARE YOU KIDDING ME FJWEHFGW", I usually like swearing in Thai while I am tutoring my friends because it will make them awake and we can just like have fun, but now Yin's mom is currently sitting next to us watching me so I have to avoid swearing at all cost, after finish tutoring, I had to said goodbye to Yin's parents, Yin and Juk and walked to 7/11 with New, "I'll do half of my presentation and you'll do half, is that clear?" said New, "Fine..." said me with tired voice after this short conversation we both said goodbye.

June 8th, 2018, "Can we have 10 minutes to prepare our presentation?" asked New while look at the Thai-teacher, we need to borrow 10 minutes of her class in order to organize our presentation so New and I tried my best to asked 10 minutes of my Thai-History class, "Uhm... Yes you may but please finish your History homework" said our Thai-Teacher, after the Thai-Teacher finished answering, New and I just ran in a speed of light to the EP library, pick a computer and start checking and organize our presentation, "I hope we got more than 11 this time" said New and "Let's just hope so..." said me, after we checked our presentation, we ran back into the classroom as light speed shared script, practiced, explain the story, and prepared for presentation. on Period 3 we were ready for the presentation but not that confident this time, New tried her best to calm all of my group and cheer them up, it is working a little, when T.Daniel called our group, we were surprised and confused but New (again) had to calm our group down, *After the presentation* "We won't get 20/20 *sigh*" said New, "Maybe, we will, maybe..." answered me, T.Daniel announced the score of our team and when he finished wrote the score of our presentation on the board, we were all screaming and happy, "WE GOT FULL SCORE" shouted New, we were all gald and happy, all of the time put into this presentation and it is all worth it, just saying that I never have seen New smiling and being this very happy before, WE ALL WERE HAPPY TO GET FULL SCORE, after T.Daniel's class, we got 40 minutes to prepare for our chapter exam and I got 26/30 on her test, wasn't that bad but I expected full score. Overall I learned many of things this week, I had lots of fun learning new stuff and I had some fun with my group of friends, I hope this week will be the same as other of the upcoming week.

Written: 9/6/2018
-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No.3
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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My Diary, Week 3 Empty Re: My Diary, Week 3

Post by Teacher Daniel Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:12 pm

Chawit, reading your diaries is just a genuine, full pleasure. Everything is described in a very magnificent way that makes me keen on even giving you extra points for such effort. And I think I will do it Very Happy
Nonetheless, please be reminded that every presentation is strictly evaluated according to the widely accepted rules i.e.
1) more photos, less text in presentation
2) learn by heart all the script
3) proper acting and smooth transitions between slides and "students" speaking
4) Proper introduction, body and conclusion

The last one i.e. conclusion was appropriately constructed and presented and, thus, the presentation received more points. In addition, mistakes have been removed and replaced with professional photos and descriptions. This is the major prerequisite for the successful presentations and under those circumstances you must be aware of every single detail.
Anyway, congratulations Smile
Now you are familiar with all the rules.

Points granted for diary :15/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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