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My Diary, Week 7 (This fictional story is non fictional)

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My Diary, Week 7 (This fictional story is non fictional) Empty My Diary, Week 7 (This fictional story is non fictional)

Post by Chawit Boonprakong Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:06 pm

Hello Readers, Welcome to my diary and it has been a while since I started typing about my diary but that doesn’t matter. Have fun reading (By the way, "Jamine" is his name.. not "Jasmine". I didn't misspell  his name)
*Going to "HER" house on 10/12/2015*
Jamine: Well we're here. By the way, why the heck do you want me here? I've already told you to forget her.. she doesn't LOVE you
Me: I don't know but...
Jamine: Oh come on.. you need to get over that relationship, she never liked you and she never will...
Me: but I have a crush on her for many years straight.
Jamine: No, I bet you don't and she freaking rejected you like a month ago.
Me: but I can't stop having a crush on her... she's so nice and..
Jamine: Oh please, MOVE ON!
*SHE walks toward Jasmine and Aix with an unexpected shock*
???: Aix and Jasmine? Why are you here? and why are you guys here?
Me: *standing still* uhh... H.. H.. Hi.
???: Uhh.. Hi? Jasmine?
Jamine: Yes?
Me: I need to talk with HER.. for a second
Jamine: Oh.. I don't mind.
*SHE and Aix decided to find quite a place to talk*
Jamine: Oh god.. this going to be a long ride...  

24th July, 2018, In Social Studies period, I'm weirdly unsatisfied with my score and I'm not sure why. It's sure a slap into my face when I heard that I got only 15/20, a slap into my face isn't from the OVERALL score but it is when I discovered that in the choice test I got only 20/28, and divide with 2 and I got.. 10/14 and I got 5/6 in the written test. I wish the test could just replace the choice test with the written test so I could receive more score. Our teacher pretty much force us to make a group of 6 to 7 people for our extremely stressful work, which is about selling and stuff and our objective was to sell as many things as we can while competing with other teams (If you want to know the number of the team then bring up 28 and divide it with 6, we'll have 4.5 group estimate 0.5 and it will turn into 5 groups). My teammate and I had been talking about "What're we going to sell", "Will we profit from that?", "Is it too expensive?" and more stuff blah blah blah (Unfortunately, I can't say the thing that we are selling because the other teams going to copy our idea). "Is selling 01010011 01100001 01101110 01100100 01110111 01101001 01100011 01101000 going to work out?" asked my teammate and it's such a great idea so we all just agree with that idea and move on with the logo but suddenly I sat down on some gross ink that nobody knew, "Aix, What was that you're sitting" asked Juk with a laughing voice from other of my classmate and I'm in a panic mode since It's some kind of ink but it isn't an ink but it something that is coming out of  Alien mouth or something. I stand as quick as possible and run into the toilet, I wasn't that embarrassed because of the ink but I'm not satisfied with the wet bottom, it's obviously uncomfortable when we have to sit down with a wet uniform, and don't even talk about when I have to sit in the cold classroom with a wet bottom.. so uncomfortable. On the morning of  24th July, 2018, Someone had called for about 10 times so I had no choice other than picking up her call "Yes?" answered me and suddenly Yin's voice just came out of nowhere from my phone speaker "Where are you? Oh my gosh! We're going to begin the ceremony in 10 minutes", I was in a great shocked and I decided to ask, "What Ceremony?" "Are you living under the rock? THE BUDDISM CEREMONY, I thought to myself "What the what?" so I decided to hang up Yin's call and called Juk, "You're purely an idiot" which made me feel like something is hiding me "Just tell me..", "Ugh.. the Buddism ceremony... You didn't sign in, don't you?, I answered Juk with a confused voice "Yes, I didn't sign in.." and the laughing voice came from Juk and she replied with "No of course because you're a lazy butt. The teacher signed you in", I hang up the call and I'm mad but I had 5 minutes left.. until the ceremony starts so I had no choice other than attending a ceremony. I went to the destination where Yin told me to meet her and, unluckily, NO I didn't see YIN, *call Yin* "You must be kidding me... Where the hell are you?". Then a shouting voice came "AIX OMG" shouted Yin, I went there and sat behind Meen but in front of Yin, "You're slow as hell" said Yin, "Well you should thank me because I would be 11 minutes late because of your unstable meeting point. I had to sat in the meeting room attending the ceremony for 1 hour and it's boring but, at the same time, I had to attend the ceremony since my teacher already signed my name to attend the ceremony.

25th July, 2018, In the morning, I went upstairs because I need to teach Matthayom 1/3 (Grade 7) about Distance and Displacement, I had fun teaching Matthayom 1/3 because they're all very active in class and they like to pay attention to my teaching which made everything easier. The bell rang and I had to go to the meeting hall again to attend the ceremony (By the way the ceremony took 2 days to complete), I sat down with the same position which is behind Meen, Me and my friend get to take some pictures together.. and it's a lot of fun (doesn't count the part where I have to wait for the head of the school to arrive which is 1 hour 30 seconds late) while we're all waiting for the head of the school to arrived, we're sitting in the same place but we're allowed to play our phone so of course why not playing on the phone, I played my phone and I fell asleep for about 40 minutes and woke up again 2 minutes before the real ceremony begins. After we finished the ceremony, We head up to attended Social Studies class, "Excuse me.. May I come in?" asked me with a wondering face, the reason I'm doing a confused face because our seat position changed and it's line up in numbers. I asked T.Ace about my seat and he replied with "Please sit by your number" So I sat on the table which in front of me is Mai and behind me is Ped, the class was normal and after finished we switch back with our original seat and I'm glad but the seat I had been selected is very hot and uncomfortable, I am sweating while I'm inside the air condition room. After the class finished I decided to clean the classroom because I'm bored.. and wrestling with some of my friends and blah blah.. This is such a boring week. I walked out of school and went to the store, sat there and read some book after that I called my mom and told her to pick me up at 7-11 store, and then I got home safely.. boring-ly... and uninterested-ly.

Overall, This week is a little boring (Not a little, extremely boring) because we only have to go to school for 2 day which is Wednesday and Thursday and nothing much is going on. I hope next Tuesday would be a little.. interesting..

???: Aix? Are you ok?
Me: No, I'm not... you already broke up with him
???: but I'm not interested in being your girlfriend
Me: ... Why? I did everything to help you.
???: I'm sorry... Just please try dating someone else.
Me: NO! You're the best for me... Please?
???: still No.. sorry
Me: *holding tear*
???: This is like second time already.
Me: Yes, I know.
???: Then why aren't you moving on about our old relationship?
Me: Because I can't stop loving someone. I want to date you for a very long time, please!
???: I think we both need space. you need to stop thinking about this kind of stuff. You can talk to me anytime but you definitely need some space, you're just NOT RIGHT for me and please stop making me feel like this.
*SHE walks away while Aix is sitting on the park chair*\
Jamine: Dude that's harsh, let's go home.. it's getting late
Me: *Cries*
Jamine: I bet you aren't crying about her.. you're crying about someone else perspective on your gender, I think it wasn't a great idea to change other people perspective about your gender by dating that girl. Just let them call you gay, it wasn't that harmful
Me: But I don't want people to call me that! It's just WRONG
Jamine: Come on.. you still have me and I promise that I will never make you sad like those bully in that school and besides that I didn't even see the real poppy love between you and her.. I think loving someone that wasn't fitting your type isn't a great thing, it'll just damage other people feeling and at the same your feeling..
Me: Well, that's true.
Jamine: Well I'm glad you understand. Ice cream?
Me: Sure.. thanks..

*Flash forward to ??/7/2018. Jasmine and Aix are walking to Thai Christian School*
Me: Well she wasn't inside her house, so maybe she's learning right now
Jamine: Are you sure you're going to clear thing with her?
Me: I'm pretty sure that I'm ready
Jamine: Well you haven't returned Thai Christian School for ages..
Me: Yes and I learned a lot of things in Bodindecha 2 EP which school taught me to be myself.. and I don't care about other people perspective anymore. I only want to be me... I think I'm ready to clear things up with her.
Jamine: I'm glad, remember Willie?, Pear?, Mei? and Oat?
Me: Yeah..  Where are they?
???: Aix? Hi!
Me: Hello!
???: Want to talk somewhere nice?
Me: Well of course!
*She and Aix walk to the playground in TCS school*
Jamine: I hope they're doing fine. Ice cream time!

Written: 27/7/2018
-Chawit Boonprakong M3/3 No.3
Chawit Boonprakong
Chawit Boonprakong

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My Diary, Week 7 (This fictional story is non fictional) Empty Re: My Diary, Week 7 (This fictional story is non fictional)

Post by Teacher Daniel Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:31 pm

Points for diary: 15/10
Teacher Daniel
Teacher Daniel

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